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Being the malleable metal that it is, Aluminum is renowned for its cost, strength, and reusability for both domestic and industrial purposes. After it’s served its purpose as a pop can however, it can be a nuisance to have around and many people view an aluminum can as just another piece of junk to throw away. Instead of compressing your aluminum cans or tossing them right into the recycling bin, consider these useful alternatives that could help you handle tricky situations.

If you’ve brought canned beverages or aluminum foil on your camping trip, save the aluminum cans when they’re empty, because they can make great bowls, plates, and cups. To make a safe-to-use cup, carefully cut off the top of an aluminum can, fold the edges of it inwards, and rinse it out. To make a bowl, again cut off the top of the can, then squeeze it to create cutting guidelines on either side. Once you’ve made the two cuts across from each other, do this three more times until your can has been cut into eight equal strips. Carefully peel each strip down and to the right to form a smooth-edged plate. Make sure to do this cautiously so as not to cut yourself.

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Summer is the time of the year when ice cream, shorts, and beach days become the norm. But passionate cooks are undoubtedly most excited to start barbecuing again. If you’re planning a yard party this summer, reduce your stress levels and make your party the best it can be with our cookout tips.

To get your barbecue going, ignite the coals in a discarded egg carton and watch it heat up with ease. Ensure you have enough propane to keep your barbecue up and running for the duration of the party; dousing your tank in hot water and feeling for cold spots, which indicate propane, is a good strategy. A warm tank is an empty tank.

Here’s one of our favourite tips featuring aluminum. Bring out your kitchen’s aluminum foil and crumple the foil up into a ball to scrape down your grill, leaving it clean and clear in no time. If you’re looking to cook more aromatic foods, consider putting whole dried herbs on top of the flames for flavour-infused smoke. For seafood, cut citrus fruits into thin slices and cook the fish on top.

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It seems the US is capable of producing high-quality, purified aluminum for military needs at the drop of a hat, despite the recent aluminum trade issue.

The aluminum investigation into China’s imports, begun by the Trump administration in April, was ordered to protect America’s national security against the market’s surplus of cheap aluminum. Reportedly, the investigation was opened in part to determine whether the country’s smelters could work at a production rate to satisfy wartime requirements.

In that scenario, an extra $25 million would need to be put towards fractional crystallization, the ideal way for the US to remove impurities from aluminum. It’s pricey, but it may be necessary in the coming decades.

Surprisingly, under 1% of domestic aluminum in the US is used by the Defence Department, and the country’s stores for the military metal comes out to 75,000 metric tonnes, which could last 2.5 years. On top of this, 117,000 tons are produced annually in the US alone, although Century Aluminum Company in Hawesville is the only high-purity manufacturer within its borders.

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Unique Uses For Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is no doubt a kitchen essential for many, but it’s also perfect for way more than cooking and baking. Just how versatile is it? Let’s take a look at some of the unexpected things it can do to find out:

Cleaning chrome or BBQ appliances is one thing aluminum foil is great for. Use the leftover foil from the foods you cooked on your barbecue and scrub down your grill to get the rough bits off. If you’ve got a rust problem with your chrome appliances, ball up a piece of foil and scrape off the rust to reveal the shiny metal underneath.

If you’ve got dull or splotchy silverware, aluminum foil can help it look like new again. Fit a piece of foil to a solid container and fill it with boiling water and three or four tablespoons of baking soda. Place your silverware in the solution and let it sit for a few minutes to brighten it up.

Are you tired of your bananas getting too ripe too soon? Here’s a neat tip - wrap their stems in foil to keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

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How Aluminum sheet becomes Fishing Boats

The aluminum fishing boat has been associated with low quality and stingy boat drivers for a long time. Little do critics know that past competitions have proven that aluminum boats can definitely go up against bigger boats and, in the right conditions, even win.

If you simply can’t afford a top-notch fiberglass fishing boat, consider buying an aluminum one instead. You won’t be the fastest or toughest out there, but the purchase comes with some surprising benefits.

Not only does the boat itself cost less, you won’t pay nearly as much for insurance or fuel, either. You’ll get by no problem with low monthly deposits. Opt for aluminum instead of fiberglass if you’re looking to keep more money in your wallet during your initial investment and save on fuel.

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In line with its free trade regulations, the US is more than welcome to defend itself when it counterparts aren’t playing the game fairly. But it has to watch its step when it chooses to pick a fight, which was proven with its examinations of Chinese steel and aluminum imports.

For years, China has been overproducing important metals and putting low-quality material on the market as a result. The cheap aluminum sheet and aluminum wire, in particular, may have to be used by dependent companies and the US government for military machines. Through the Section 232 law, both the Obama administration and the Trump administration have taken action, most recently the launched investigations and proposed trade law exceptions.

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A new work of art has been created by Polish artist Piotr Janowski for the grand opening of a new train station in Poland: a life-size aluminum foil train.

The train is meant to symbolize the country’s optimism towards the future, as was Janowski’s house when he decorated it the same way. His decked out doors, walls, windows, and yard trees drew in the eyes of spectators and media alike. He had a few helping hands for the train from fine arts students, however, to completely cover its 362 square meters. It took four days to complete the train from Aluminum Foil.

Piotr has expressed his desire to integrate the environment of his artwork into each piece he creates, focusing mainly on how lights, shades, and colours appear in the aluminum he uses. For this particular piece, he used a Px 48 train as a base and went from there.

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China’s cheap exported aluminum has threatened the shutdown of many aluminum plants in the US, including Hawesville’s Century Aluminum Company. President Trump’s April investigation call and restricted import proposal have kept these plants afloat, but it could have serious repercussions.

Some claim that the Trump Administration’s national security concerns are simply a way to maintain the country’s economic prosperity, although this action follows two decades of China overproducing aluminum and negatively affecting its trading partners. The US only has five aluminum plants up and running today, compared to twenty-three in 1993.

President Trump may be able to request taxation on imports or reduce them by an undetermined amount if the investigation confirms America’s suspicions. A similar investigation is being done for imported steel, though aluminum is of greater importance.

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Aluminum-Roof from Aluminum sheet and wire

The standout architecture company Aleph-Bau has refurbished the roof of an 1800s row house in the Summerhill area of Toronto.

Even with its update, Twelve Tacoma has maintained aesthetic modesty with its white brick facade and functional front porch, though its roof is undoubtedly eye-catching. The aluminum panels it consists of are grooved and aided by steel supports that keep the extra storey steady. The house’s odd shape must be kept the same so as not to interfere with the city’s architecture regulations.

The row house’s new third floor contains a library and bedroom located just above the second floor’s master bedroom, complete with a walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom with a potted plant wall. The other bedroom on the second floor was renovated into an outdoor balcony, which looks down on a beautiful backyard garden.

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Protecting your home from water damage is extremely important, and gutters help get the job done. While they were previously sold in segments that were to be connected with a waterproof adhesive during installation, seamless aluminum gutters are now on the market, and homeowners far and wide could benefit from them.

Seamless aluminum gutters are formed with a single aluminum rod that can be shaped to fit any house’s water carriage needs. Without the need for waterproof adhesive, these gutters won’t be at risk of the gradual wear and tear of traditional gutters that eventually lets water through. These new gutters are also more visually complementary to your home with their sleek design and neutral colour.

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Aluminum Becomes first Contender for Solar Energy as Silver Costs Skyrocket

Despite its 2015 high with a nearly one-quarter increase, silver production around the world is now at a shocking 2%, while the prices have shot up by 40%. What once was the perfect solar energy material with its use in photovoltaic cell production, is now a major cause for concern.

In the next three decades, solar energy is expected to make up 27% of the world’s power, but silver prices could change that. Fortunately, researchers have discovered that aluminum can be used to make photovoltaic cells as well, which would be a much safer substitute.

Now that the world is beginning to implement solar energy, the US has multiplied its job capacity by twelve by upping its photovoltaic installations by one-fifth in 2015. China, Japan, India, and Bangladesh are reaping similar rewards thanks to the popularity growth of solar energy. The US and Canada have both contributed enough to solar power that they can now support millions of homes with it.

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Image: Stanford.edu

Stanford University in the US and the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan have come together and created a long-lasting, fast-charging battery from aluminum.

These aluminum ion batteries, first seen at this year’s All Energy event in Glasgow, could take the place of lead-acid batteries by 2018, containing all of the same functions with lower costs and more accessible material.

What really sets the new battery design apart from its predecessors is its ability to undergo thousands of charging periods without its efficiency being noticeably affected, as well as its impressive heat resistance in even the most extreme situations. To achieve these feats, the battery is made with a combination of refined aluminum, aluminum salt electrolyte gel, and full-coverage graphite. Its composition and features make it very versatile.

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Although the low-quality steel from China has negatively affected the US in previous years, aluminum is the new focus, and unlike steel, the US can’t produce enough on its own to meet demands. But how does that connect to national security?

Low-quality aluminum from China was fed into markets and the amount of smelters in the US dropped to a little more than one-fifth of what it was before, all upon China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization. In addition to job loss on a grand scale, high-quality aluminum used in the US to construct small planes and artillery has disappeared, threatening the country’s protection.

Due to the unlikely scenario in which the US calls upon the few other countries to import aluminum, President Trump has ordered an official investigation into the products the country has received as of late. The government hopes to get its biggest aluminum plant running at full capacity once again so as not to depend solely on China for the precious material. The plant’s production could be discontinued otherwise.

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Rusal, the Russian aluminum company, plans to continue building its newest Siberian plant after generating a significant amount of revenue upon the introduction of better aluminum prices.

The company has consistently made $434 million in profit this year, nearly three times as much as it did in 2016, reinforcing its status as second-biggest aluminum production enterprise in the world. The improvement is mainly due to more sales and raised prices of the versatile metal. Its supply may struggle to appease demand in the next quarter, however.

Riding on its success, Rusal declared it would restart operations at its smelting plant in Taishet, which the board of directors has agreed to finance. Rusal has received a total of $38.5 million from them, a modest but sufficient amount for the job.

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The United States’ aluminum market heads are asking those of the European Union and Britain to help stop China’s problematic taxes in the industry, which have begun to affect jobs in North America.

China is suspected of breaking the World Trade Organization’s rules by illegally financing prominent market sectors, particularly the aluminum market. Despite the country’s claim that it respects the policies of the World Trade Organization, the US has begun to investigate whether its imported products are negatively affecting its safety.

Theresa May, Britain’s Prime Minister, has received a letter from the aluminum industry encouraging her to take action, insisting that the country’s future will be more secure if it does its part to reinforce the World Trade Organization. Office representatives have not yet responded.

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Image: Today's Trucking

Alcoa will soon be introducing black aluminum wheels to the vehicle industry, a Dura-Bright model designed for trucks. If it piques the interest of enough consumers, it’ll be here to stay.

Older generations tend to lean towards the typical silver metals like chrome and steel for their car wheels, but this generation’s young adults are open to new things. Looking to the latter fact, Alcoa has developed their popular Dura-Bright Evo wheel in a sleek black tone. When the sample wheels were displayed at a truck show, many people saw them and grew curious.

This new wheel is created by treating the aluminum with absorptive black material that blends with the first couple layers of the metal. Cutting the wheel open would reveal a tiny layer of the black substance encircling regular silver aluminum. It functions the same way the standard Dura-Bright wheel that came before it does, meaning the only difference between the two is the resulting visual effect.

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For a long time, aluminum siding was thought to be of lower quality than others, particularly wood siding. The truth is, every siding material has its pros and cons, and it’s important for every homeowner to choose the material that works best in their situation.

North Americans, for example, experience many drastic changes in temperature and precipitation, with both hot, humid summers and frigid, snowy winters. This wide range often calls for wood siding, which is both aesthetically pleasing and durable, assuming it’s taken care of.

Unfortunately, maintaining wood siding can be a nuisance, as it takes years of treatment to protect it against insects, mould, and natural decay. If you choose wood trim for your home, be prepared to reseal and repaint it every few years.

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Image: Cycle World

In 2014, a Californian engineer named Robert Steffano envisioned making a motorcycle without a shell, tastefully exposing all the elements required to run a high-quality two-wheeled vehicle. This Ducati would be called the 969 Cafe Roadster, paying homage to the racer bikes used in the fifties and sixties.

Although Steffano had all the parts he needed, he lacked the skills required to complete specialized details on the bike’s frame. Fortunately, he teamed up with Evan Wilcox, an experienced jeweler who knew the ins and outs of working with aluminum, the primary metal used in making vehicles.

Wilcox had previously attended the LA Art Center College of Design for photography, but he soon found he preferred more physical creative tasks. He turned away from photography and used his newfound knowledge of shapes and shadows to shape aluminum, a flexible metal that works with rather than against the artist.

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Image: Getty

U.S. President Donald Trump has officially requested an investigation into how the country’s security is affected by its aluminum imports. Depending on the results of said investigation, new taxes and guidelines could be put into place for international aluminum trade between the US and its trading partners, the most prominent one being China.

The drastic drop in the production of this versatile metal is what prompted the opening of the investigation, seeking a solution for a high demand in the industry. If larger weaponry is required for tasks of war in the near future, the lack of aluminum would certainly pose a problem.

Not only is aluminum used for heavy duty combat machines, but it is also used in the construction of most commercial cars and planes. The US may affect its long-held partnership with China if it makes the same claims it made towards China’s steel exports.

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Image: Kentucky Today

Braidy Industries, a newcomer in the aluminum market, has been granted nearly ten million dollars of tax incentives for the construction of a 1.3 billion dollar manufacturing building in South Shore, Kentucky. This building, to be up and running by 2020, will be dedicated to refining aluminum for several types of cars and planes.

If the company successfully completes its goals in its future location, it can hold onto its current piece of investment with the grant. The placement of the plant also offers several new jobs for South Shore residents, helping to negate the area’s recent job loss. Discontinuing the operation of Ohio River’s steel mill was particularly damaging to the area’s economic status.

The future aluminum plant will measure more than two million square feet, complete with a food court, day care centre, and exercise gym. Its placement in Greenup County will provide the region with around 1,500 manual labour jobs in total, with salaries as high as $70k. It plans to refine 370,000 tonnes of aluminum annually.

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Image: Ford

While North Americans can recycle household items with ease, Ford is going above and beyond to be more resourceful, making an effort to repurpose discarded pieces of aluminum.

The car manufacturer’s new strategy has been implemented in Buffalo, Dearborn, and Kentucky, saving enough aluminum each month to construct tens of thousands of F-Series car frames. The result is a drastic decrease in energy usage and unusable waste, as well as an upgrade in the truck model created from the recycled material.

A mere 10% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum is used in the recycling of old aluminum. With such a noticeable gain in sustainability, nearly three-quarters of processed aluminum is used again and again.

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Image: Montreal Gazette

Maison Alcan creator David Culver has passed away at 92 years of age in his Westmount home. Culver is survived by his children Mark, Andrew, Diane, and Michael, and predeceased in 2014 by his wife Mary (Powell) Culver.

Born in Winnipeg on December 5th, 1924, Culver migrated to Montreal with his parents and was raised within the city’s Golden Square Mile. He attended McGill university and graduated in 1947, alongside receiving an MBA from Harvard University. Two years later, he was hired at an aluminum production plant as a worker until he became CEO in 1979. When he wasn’t hard at work, he would go golfing at a club in Georgia or visit his summer home in La Malbaie.

One of David Culver’s greatest achievements outside of work was Maison Alcan, a vintage-meets-modern structure in Montreal that was deemed Alcan’s main location. The construction of the building gave Culver a strong tie to Montreal despite his birthplace, having wanted to create something that paid homage to the city’s timeless style.

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An official from Chinese commerce urged the American authorities to follow World Trade Organization rules in a dispute regarding anti-subsidy and anti-dumping regarding Chinese Aluminum foil.

After the Aluminum Association Trade Enforcement Working Group began accusing Chinese Aluminum foil producing companies of unfair practices like price dumping and subsidies, the Department of Commerce for the U.S. start their investigation.

Despite this dispute, both the Chinese and U.S. aluminum industries actually have a symbiotic relationship. The U.S. reduced their product of lower grade aluminum products like foil 20 years and started focusing on higher end aluminum production. According the Wang Hejun, who leads the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, this is the reason U.S. output has fallen.

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Image: Dirt Bike Magazine

It’s that time of year again - MTA Two-Stroke World Championships time, that is. As usual, tons of two-stroke vehicles are getting ready, but there’s one in particular that stands out: a two-stroke Suzuki RM250 complete with an aluminum frame and premix burning engine.

Despite the plethora of questions asked by curious consumers, there were no answers given from anyone that new anything of Suzuki’s new project. Trials were kept quiet, and all information was withheld until the much anticipated release of the dirtbike.

Suzuki clearly drew inspiration from its earlier models for the engine, pipe, and silencer, modeled after its 2007 steel frame bikes, and the body, modeled after the newer RMZ450. The dirt bike’s spring forks and clamps aren’t the usual, however. The forks and top clamps appear to be stock-produced pieces, and the bottom clamps resemble custom aluminum billets.

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We’re all officially counting down the days until the warm weather comes knocking at our door! This summer, aluminum beer bottles are ready to make a big impact. The sale of aluminum bottles is already starting to rise steadily as people start to plan their summer activities, road trips, and weekend getaways.

There are a lot of benefits to aluminum bottles. They are resealable, which can be handy in places like music festivals and the beach, where using glass may be against the rules and sand in your beer is not ideal.

Aluminum pints add a whole lot of convenience to drinks, especially during the summertime when you just want to enjoy yourself, worry-free. Whether it’s for tailgating before the big game or just enjoying your time out in the sun, some beer companies are now coming out with resealable caps which means your beer will taste great and stay cold for longer. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about your drink spilling over when you put it aside to take a dip in the pool.

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