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Move over, sedan - the SUV is growing in popularity for suburban car owners and police officers alike, thanks to the car’s physical pursuit capabilities. Ford is now taking the initiative to create F-150 and Expedition Special Service models, designed specifically for the police force, to rake in the cash.

The former of the two models, the new F-150, will rival its last incarnation with a three-and-a-half-litre EcoBoost V6, paired with a five-litre V8, and the car’s body will be made of an aluminum alloy for optimum efficiency.

The Expedition Special Services model includes the same EcoBoost feature and aluminum construction as the F-150. Ford also ensured both cars were equipped with ten-speed automatic transmission and Auto Start-Stop for fuel conservation.

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Image: Newindianexpress.com

Bharat Aluminum Company, more commonly known as Balco, has found an effective way to keep their sector of the aluminum industry going. Through collecting raw materials locally, increasing worker efficiency, reducing high costs and more, the Chhattisgarh company owned by Vedanta has greatly cut spending and upped production success.

When asked about how the company had dealt with the situation, Balco director Ramesh Nair replied that although they were faced with a drop in commodity pricing, they transformed this challenge into an opportunity. They brought in measures to counteract this and lessened losses, making way for higher production.

Worldwide demand of the malleable metal was what most affected the drop in price, the Aluminum Association of India reports.

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It’s a sad but all too common story of the ‘roll that got away’: You open up a brand new box of shiny aluminum foil only to have it fall right out of the box when you attempt to tear off a sheet. In the arena of minor disturbances and mysteries, it is one of the most frustrating occurrences, particularly when you’re in a pinch and needing to quickly wrap eats and treats for preservation storage.

You think the company must have forgotten to design a mechanism for holding the roll in place, but somehow missed creating a simple remedy for the obvious glitch. Before you dream of inventing a brand new (not to mention patented and very lucrative) way of holding the wrap in place, I’m here to tell you that it’s been done. The mechanism has been there hidden from sight on the sides of the roll where you have missed it all these years.

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Image: Renewbyhydro.com

One of the most well-known examples of modern architecture with aluminium is found at the London Aquatics Centre, which was constructed for the London 2012 Olympics for swimming competitions.

Aluminium was the obvious solution for creating a concept inspired by moving water. It’s ideal for its standing seam panels, and curved and light roof.

In fact, it’s hard to think of any other material that rivals its qualities for modern architecture. Aluminium is light, formable, versatile, and long-lasting.

It’s not just the unique architecture that distinguishes the London Aquatic Centre. Today, it remains an accessible and vibrant space in the community. Somewhere near 800,000 people each year spend quality time there with friends and family.

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Are you looking to repair your aluminum wheels? Maybe you’ve heard that it’s impossible? Well if your looking to test the impossible, something important you will want to know is that decay is a risk when it comes to aluminum wheels. The good news is that there is more than one way to approach the situation and fix it. Nevertheless it goes without saying that you’re going to want a solution that is guaranteed to work and on top of that, that won’t take up too much of your time. But let’s get real; this is pretty unlikely.

At the end of the day, the ball is in your court. You can either try and fix it yourself if you’re looking to save money or hire a mechanic.

So you’re probably wondering when the deterioration of your aluminum wheels will take place? It can happen during the winter months when you leave your wheels stored in a specific area. When it’s time to take them out, you will discover decay.

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Aluminum sheets aren’t just for lining baking pans? Well, that’s not exactly what the automotive industry is referring to when talking about a new projection in manufacturing. Aluminum sheet, as opposed to the kitchen foil, is expected to increase in usage to line automotive exterior parts such as fenders and truck beds.

The growth forecast for aluminum sheet and cast is set to experience more than 250 per cent growth respectively taking a large chunk of the market as early as 2022 according to IHS Markit automotive forecaster, Michael Robinet. This will include everything from luxury class vehicles such as the Audi A8 to the Ford’s classic F-150 model.

Robinet expects a shift will be made to aluminum by the same year or the next as aluminum and sturdier steels begin to comprises the bulk of exterior parts and closures such as panels and fenders. Carbon fiber and other composite metals are set to increase in the next decade.

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Aluminum foil isn’t just for wrapping up your leftovers! Take a look at the list below for a few innovative hacks:

Make Brown Sugar Softer

Have you found yourself baking your favourite cookies and then reaching for the brown sugar only to find that it’s hardened? Wrap a chunk of brown sugar in aluminum and bake it in the oven for 5 minutes at 300F.

Move Furniture Around Without Damaging your Floors

Put aluminum foil underneath the legs of your furniture and then slide it to where you want it to be. This will protect your floors from scratches and prevent you from spending money on protective pads.

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Image: Thenextweb.com

Believe it or not, researchers have actually developed a way to charge your device by simply walking into a room. Known as The Aluminum Room, the project was funded by Disney Research and it has yielded some rather compelling results thus far.

It sounds simple enough. Electromagnetic signals will charge compatible devices through a copper pole that will radiate from the center of the room. An aluminum wall is capable of keeping a charge of up to 1900 watts safely within its perimeters. Researchers worked to determine how much a human being could safely take and they quickly discovered that it wasn’t very much at all. Soon after this project was started, researchers realized that human beings couldn’t get within two feet of the pole.

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Image: Engadget.com

There is no question that when it comes to the latest variation to Soundwall, there are at least a couple of features that are well worth getting excited about. A Soundwall can function on a couple of different levels. It can work as an aluminum artwork playing music, or as a flat panel speaker that’s been disguised as paintings. The newest version is known as Nova, and it has some elements that take the core concept of Soundwall to the next level. It is even more interactive than before.

This touch-enabled artwork piece can now utilize both music and lights to create something that engages the viewer on a number of levels. The Magic Touch feature now allows for playing, pausing, or skipping songs that will be streamed to the device from your phone’s Bluetooth -- simply with the touch of your hand. That’s impressive but the same can be said for the all-new Mood Lights feature. You can now manipulate lighting to create an even deeper impact. Using the Soundwall app, you will be able to control everything with ease.

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There is no question that aluminum foil is one of the most essential products to have in your home. The list of benefits is endless and some people would go so far as to call it a miracle product. It’s difficult to argue with that opinion!

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil can do a lot of things. It’s also important to remember that it can’t do everything. Here are some dos and don’ts that can prove useful:

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Image: Designboom.com

A Japanese studio known as Hiroshi Nakamura/NAP architects recently revealed some images of the Sayama Forest Chapel. This chapel shares space with the Sayama lakeside cemetery complex, which can be found in the Saitama prefecture. This small timber-based structure is located at the threshold of a very dense forest, which eventually reveals a clearing. The nearby road is such that pedestrian traffic is impossible.

The complex compelled NAP architects to work to create a structure that would function as an architecturally secular location to accommodate those in mourning. This Gassho-style creation features two opposing walls that lean against one another, which was used to meet a variety of conceptual and structural demands. The final form is evocative of hands in the prayer position. The angled walls mirror the form of a body in the act of prayer.

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Image: Bellinghamherald.com

The United States has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization to highlight the unfair practices of China that has led to a crippling effect in the aluminum and steel sector in the country. China’s unacceptable practices have impacted many countries around the world, particularly the industrially advanced economies that have flourishing steel and aluminum sectors.

The outgoing Obama administration alleged in the trade complaint that China was dumping aluminum across the global market at prices so low that they are not only unrealistic but also artificial. Not only is this practice immoral but also against fair competition and can destroy sectors in many countries including the United States.

In the official complaint to the World Trade Organization, the US has brought to light the illegal subsidies and artificially cheap loans that China has been showering on its aluminum industry and which has led to an uncontrolled boom in the largest Asian economy.

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Image: Manufacturing.net

In a sting operation, the US federal authorities seized several hundreds of shipping containers as part of their investigation following a tip that a Chinese business tycoon dealing in aluminum was avoiding paying the USA custom tariffs.

Officials from the U.S Customs Department seized and detained hundreds of containers packed with aluminum shipments worth $25 million in September 2016 from a California-based company. The Department of Homeland Security recently acquired the containers from the U.S Customs Department to further the investigations.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a report to the press that they were moving the containers undisclosed location at the Port of Long Beach to allow for laboratory testing and evaluation of the aluminum.

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a-look-at-the-nokia-6-official-debut-Through a team-up with HMD Global, Nokia had made it clear that they are ready to get back on the smartphone market. Featuring an Android Nougat and aluminum unibody design, HMD is going to build the phones and Nokia is going to put their brand on them. Will the Nokia 6 be able to grab a piece of the smartphone market? That is going to depend on a number of factors.

One thing’s for sure--the Nokia 6 is something that is definitely worth getting excited about.

The 5.5-inch 1920 X 1080 display is one of the first things to note. It features a 2.5D Gorilla Glass with an 8-megapixel front facing cam. The 16 megapixel camera offers f/2.0 apertures with phase detection auto-focus around back. The snapdragon 430 processors are also appealing, in addition to four gigs of RAM, as well as sixty-four gigs of included storage.

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stunning-north-bay-light-pillarsLast week, a North Bay, Ontario resident woke up to discover something extraordinary. Upon awakening, he found pillars of powerful, colorful lights being shot towards the sky. He had initially woken up to care for his crying child until he finally looked out the window. He saw the staggering beauty of lights coming down from the sky. He would later describe the phenomena, which he was able to capture on film, as something akin to Star Trek ships beaming people up.

As he was tending to his infant son, the resident, Timothy Joseph Elzinga saw the lights and knew he had to take photos. He put on some clothes, rushed outside, and took as many photos as possible with his phone. Thanks to the quality of the phone, the pictures he snapped are exceptional. They give the viewer a clear idea of what these lights looked like. However, some would argue that appreciating these lights is something that’s best done in person.

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what-happens-when-you-drop-an-iphone-into-molten-aluminumWhat happens when you drop an ordinary iPhone into molten aluminum? If you don’t know the answer, relax. Most of us could only venture a guess but two YouTube personalities decided to actually do something about it. The Backyard Scientist and GizmoSlip are two individuals who have each amassed significant fan followings on YouTube for answering questions along the lines of the one just mentioned. They answered this one, too, and the end result is going to prove to be something truly impressive.

Using a DIY foundry, the two YouTube stars melted down the necessary amount of aluminum, waiting until it turned black, and became pliable. After dropping the phone into the aluminum, the soupy materials will overwhelm the electronic device, burning off some of its components almost immediately. This includes the battery, as well as the plastic.

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diy-winter-weather-hacksWhen it comes to dealing with the problematic elements of winter, there are several different possibilities that you can explore:

• Prevent Ice: Prep your windshield the night before. Use a spray that combines 2/3 vinegar with 1/3 water, making the ice easier to break off.

• Remove Ice: Spray your ice-covered windshields with a mix that combines 1-portion isopropyl alcohol with 2-portions lukewarm water and 1 tsp of dish soap.

• Hand Sanitizer: Believe it or not, but this can prove to be enormously useful for frozen door handles.

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think-tank-futurist-predicts-driverless-vehicles-will-cost-jobsAccording to the founder and senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute think tank, he envisions that over the next twenty years, driverless cars may eliminate jobs in multiple (128 or so) industries. He made this bold prediction in April 2016 on his Futurist Speaker website. Thomas Frey predicts autonomous vehicles will affect all areas of ground transportation, including agriculture, construction, and public services. Frey told Business Insider “it’ll take a long time for this transition to occur.” However, the transition, once it begins, will eliminate many current jobs.

Examples of Lost Job Categories

Frey cites the example of airports. Airports will lose a major revenue source: Parking fees. In lieu of driving to airports, then parking their cars, passengers will have driverless taxis hustle them to their departure airport. There will be no need for shuttle buses, limos, or other taxis. The rental auto counter also will not be required.

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victor-ii-aluminum-intake-for-coyote-mustangs-is-releasedIdeally designed for high boost potential and impressive nitrous applications, the Victor II aluminum intake for Coyote Mustangs is expertly designed. This release comes to us from Edelbrock. If you are already a Mustang fan, then you already know that this company has a stellar reputation for the products that they release.

First witnessed by the world at large at the 2016 SEMA show, there is no question that this aluminum intake is a product that is well worth getting excited about, if you are a fan of Mustangs.

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akufo-addos-npp-party to-create-ghanas-integrated-aluminium-industry Akufo-Addo, the 2016 presidential hopeful candidate in Ghana under the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has told Ghanaians that he will put the West African nation on the path to industrialization should he win the presidential elections.

Tapping the Bauxite Deposits

The presidential candidate stated that his administration would exploit bauxite deposits found in the Atiwa plains, Nyinahin and Kyebi areas. The establishment of the integrated aluminium industry is expected to offer value –addition to the bauxite mineral mined in the country.

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aluminum-sheetsAluminum sheets аrе used еxtеnѕivеlу аll оvеr thе world аnd mainly duе to their numеrоuѕ рrореrtiеѕ, thеir uѕеѕ аrе divеrѕе in nature. Thеrе аrе no оthеr mеtаlѕ that саn bе uѕеd a number of ways like аluminum. A good роrtiоn оf аluminum аnd itѕ oxide are used to mаkе glass. Sо it саn be said thаt the uses оf аluminum are never as оbviоuѕ аѕ thеу seem.

Aѕ mentioned аbоvе, аluminum ѕhееtѕ аrе used in numerous cases. Sоmе of them are:

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global-aluminum-plates-and-sheet-coilsAnalysts from Technavio recently released a report that predicted the global growth of the sheet coils (used in the food and beverage industry for the packaging of food or beverages) and aluminum plates market. This prediction was based on a research study that was carried out based on the present state of affairs as well as the potential for growth of the large-scale aluminum plates and sheet coils market meant for 2016-2020. Some of the other segments of the market that were mentioned in the report include:

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aluminum-coilWhеthеr a project саllѕ for аluminum fоil (thinnеr thаn 0.006 inсhеѕ in thiсknеѕѕ) оr aluminum ѕhееt (0.006 inсhеѕ tо 0.070 inсhеѕ in thiсknеѕѕ), аluminum coil iѕ bеhind thе mаnufасturing process. Aluminum соil is fоrmеd by tаking one continuous ѕtriр оf aluminum аnd соiling it into a roll.

Some оf thе advantages оf аluminum coil iѕ thаt it is lightweight, hеаvу duty аnd аblе tо rеѕiѕt corrosion. Bу a process called аnоdizing, whеrеbу thе aluminum ѕurfасе iѕ соаtеd with a protective oxide, thаt соrrоѕiоn resistance саn bе imрrоvеd еvеn furthеr. Aѕ a rеѕult, mаnufасturеrѕ who need tо inсrеаѕе their productivity аnd require раrtѕ that can withѕtаnd thе elements, rеlу оn аluminum соil tо gеt thе jоb dоnе.

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tennessee-forest-fires-melt-aluminumA forest firе around the Gаtlinburg, Tеnnеѕѕее area hаѕ сrеаtеd a calamitous scene оf decimation likely totaling in the billions. Resorts, hоmеѕ аnd vehicles were lеft dеѕtrоуеd in thе firе'ѕ wake.

Sсоtt Frederick, аn еmрlоуее аt Wеѕtgаtе Smоkу Mоuntаin Rеѕоrt and Sра, shared shocking imаgеѕ of thе firе'ѕ dеѕtruсtiоn оn a fеw саrѕ lеft bеhind when the rеѕоrt wаѕ еvасuаtеd.

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folded-aluminum-lamps-project-feathers-and-antlers-when-lit-upPopup lighting wаѕ founded bу Chen Bіkоvѕkі, a Tеl Avіv-bаѕеd designer whose innovative designs are catching everyone's eye. Whеn ѕhе wаѕ grоwіng up ѕhе was fаѕсіnаtеd by pop-up bооkѕ and was especially engaged by the unique еxреrіеnсе that саmе wіth thе turn оf еасh раgе.

Pорuр Lіghtіng is a ѕеrіеѕ оf lamps that turn іntо mаgісаl сrеаturеѕ whеn іllumіnаtеd. Bіkоvѕkі shared some inspiration behind the lamps оn her wеbѕіtе--“Thе idea behind Pорuр Lіghtіng wаѕ tо create a реrmаnеnt lіght fixture thаt wоuld bring a mаgісаl аmbіаnсе to аnу ѕрасе,” explains Bіkоvѕkі. “A multi-dimensional light thаt wоuld іnѕріrе the ѕеnѕеѕ аnd ignite the іmаgіnаtіоn.” It is a look that is all at once whimsical but with clean, geometric lines.

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