Raw & Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Coil Wire, Foil and Anodized Nameplates

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AAluminum Sheet & Wire is a global supplier of raw and clear and colored anodized or painted aluminum sheet, coil, wire and foil.  Unlike any other company in the world AAluminum is unique and markets a wide variety of products to individuals and company's.  Due to the infinite possibilities and uses for aluminum the users imagination leads to a multitude of challenges.
Uncommon examples that come to mind include providing anodized aluminum floorboards to Mercedes Benz, bright colored raw and anodized and painted aluminum in art expositions or aluminum foil, sheet and plate for Apple phones and Ipads.
Just this week we received a call to supply aluminum in the new Vin Diesel movie xXx sequel being filmed in Toronto.  The film crew was desperately searching for aluminum for the star to punch.  AAluminum rose to the challenge and was the only company able to provide the right type of aluminum on short notice!
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