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a-look-at-the-nokia-6-official-debut-Through a team-up with HMD Global, Nokia had made it clear that they are ready to get back on the smartphone market. Featuring an Android Nougat and aluminum unibody design, HMD is going to build the phones and Nokia is going to put their brand on them. Will the Nokia 6 be able to grab a piece of the smartphone market? That is going to depend on a number of factors.

One thing’s for sure--the Nokia 6 is something that is definitely worth getting excited about.

The 5.5-inch 1920 X 1080 display is one of the first things to note. It features a 2.5D Gorilla Glass with an 8-megapixel front facing cam. The 16 megapixel camera offers f/2.0 apertures with phase detection auto-focus around back. The snapdragon 430 processors are also appealing, in addition to four gigs of RAM, as well as sixty-four gigs of included storage.

The dual amplifiers are yet another element to the Nokia 6 that turned heads during its recent debut. HMD promises that this phone will offer six dB louder sounds than your regular amps. The company promises that the end result is going to be something that works with higher voices, deeper bass capabilities, and profound clarity. JD.com will handle an exclusive Chinese release in early 2017. The expected retail price for the Nokia 6 is going to be in the range of 246.00. The specs and price are certainly elements that appeal to experts, although some wonder if it will be enough to appeal to the market at large.