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There is no question that when it comes to the latest variation to Soundwall, there are at least a couple of features that are well worth getting excited about. A Soundwall can function on a couple of different levels. It can work as an aluminum artwork playing music, or as a flat panel speaker that’s been disguised as paintings. The newest version is known as Nova, and it has some elements that take the core concept of Soundwall to the next level. It is even more interactive than before.

This touch-enabled artwork piece can now utilize both music and lights to create something that engages the viewer on a number of levels. The Magic Touch feature now allows for playing, pausing, or skipping songs that will be streamed to the device from your phone’s Bluetooth -- simply with the touch of your hand. That’s impressive but the same can be said for the all-new Mood Lights feature. You can now manipulate lighting to create an even deeper impact. Using the Soundwall app, you will be able to control everything with ease.

Currently, you can purchase one of these speakers for around nine hundred dollars. Choose amongst 150 designs, or upload your own.