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One of the most well-known examples of modern architecture with aluminium is found at the London Aquatics Centre, which was constructed for the London 2012 Olympics for swimming competitions.

Aluminium was the obvious solution for creating a concept inspired by moving water. It’s ideal for its standing seam panels, and curved and light roof.

In fact, it’s hard to think of any other material that rivals its qualities for modern architecture. Aluminium is light, formable, versatile, and long-lasting.

It’s not just the unique architecture that distinguishes the London Aquatic Centre. Today, it remains an accessible and vibrant space in the community. Somewhere near 800,000 people each year spend quality time there with friends and family.

110 tonnes of aluminium was supplied to help make the deck structure and roof surface from plants in Karmøy and Holmestrand in Norway.

The Solution

Suspended in its place by only 3 concrete supports, this twelve-thousand square-meter roof is measured at 1.5 times bigger than the Welmbley Stadium Football Pitch. Most impressively, it measures only eighty meters-wide and also has as part of its design individual site-formed panels that are up to one hundred and sixty meters long.

The center also has 2 fifty-meter sized swimming pools and a huge twenty-five meter diving tank, which hold over ten million liters of water and was constructed using over 180,000 tiles.

Forty metrics tons of the finest 3005 stucco coil in H 27 surface was used for the creation of the roof surface. This was manufactured in the Holmestrand plant. When the deck structure underneath was built, seventy metric tons of 3003 H16 coils was provided from a state of the art Karmøy rolling mill.